Who We Are

The Digital Health for Equitable Health (DHEH) Alliance was created to bring together multi-sector stakeholders, leaders, and advocates to promote a more digitally inclusive and accessible society that transforms health delivery for underserved populations. The DHEH Alliance focuses on supporting policies and initiatives that provide access to digital health technologies designed to mitigate existing and potential barriers to high quality care.

Our Goals:

To improve the health and wellbeing of underserved
communities through improved:

to Data

Access to
Digital solutions

Digital Health

Access to


Policy Statements

  • We advocate for policies that support access to digital health technologies and services that mitigate existing and potential barriers to high quality medical care based on geography, age, ethnicity, race, gender, disability, mobility status, or socioeconomic status.
  • We support policies that build upon innovations in digital health, such as greater use of wearables, artificial intelligence, machine learning, sensors, facial and voice recognition, natural language processing, virtual, mixed, and augmented reality and advance the use of these innovations to ensure they are codified and sustained in public and commercial health care plans.
  • We support policies that foster and encourage comprehensive, quality sustaining coverage and reimbursement for digital health technologies.
  • We advocate for policies that support future innovations and infrastructure that facilitate the transformation of healthcare delivery for underserved populations.

Meet the Board

Tanisha D. Hill, MPH

Tanisha D. Hill, MPH

DHEH President
U.S. Sr. Medical Director, Respiratory
– Teva Pharmaceuticals

Michael R. Crawford, MBA, MHL

Michael R. Crawford, MBA, MHL

DHEH Vice President
Associate Dean for Strategy, Outreach and Innovation – Howard University

Designed to Support Change

Why did we choose a coalition to support this mission?

The structure coalitions offer:

  • Change catalysts to transform health and wellbeing for all
  • Collaborative response to enable a comprehensive response to intractable societal health challenges
  • Resource leveraging to amplify and mobilize resources to create impact
  • Diverse partnership to establish cross sector partnerships with members that share common goals
Support Change

Next Steps

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